Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Once Upon a Read - a -Thon | Day 2 Update

After a wonderful but very unexpected instant message chat all the way to Poland the read-a-thon kind of went on the back burner. I did manage to read one book and start another but I'm not very optimistic about meeting my aims. Oh the pressure. haha.

Books completed: 
The Phantom (Point Horror) by Barbara Steiner
Time Riders by Alex Scarrow (in progress)

Pages Read: 219 hmmm seemed more!

Thoughts: Oooh how I have struggled today. I'm a huge point horror fan but there's a few that really make me grrrr! And The Phantom wasn't one of them! I wish I could say that but it wouldn't be true, so I'm going to leave it at, I struggled. Now I'm reading Time Riders and hoping for a fast paced, super enjoyable read. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Currently Reading: Time Riders by Alex Scarrow

See you soon for the final update!
Happy Reading!


  1. Nevermind, we all have those times during a readathon, you did read a lot even if you think you didn't. I have never read those books so i don't know what they are like. How did you go on with the final update? I popped on your blog to see incase i missed it but it's not here :(

    For a heads up- there is a 'relaxed' readathon going on at the moment and there is two week long ones in august. One is the boutofbooks one ane starts the 13th august, the other 1 i cannot remember the name of and it is the week before that. xx

  2. Love your blog and videos! I'm now following!