Friday, 18 May 2012

Review | Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Title: Insurgent
Author: Veronica Roth
Release Date: May 1st 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Young AdultDystopia
Series: Divergent
Pages: 525

Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★★

"War looms in sixteen-year-old Tris’s dark dystopian world as disputes between the factions grow. Tris must now fight against all odds to discover the truth that can save her and the people she loves. Sides must be chosen, secrets will emerge – and the choices she makes will have devastating and unexpected consequences." Source Goodreads

Ahh Insurgent has got to be the most eagerly anticipated book of 2012 or at least for me anyway. As soon as I put down Divergent mid way through 2011 I was craving the second in the series. I can now safely say that this wait was definitely worth while. I was not even a little bit disappointed. Every second of Insurgent had me hooked and kept me constantly guessing about what on earth was coming next. I can proudly say that for me this book was perfect. And that ending... blew. my. mind! 

Insurgent takes off immediately where we left Divergent, right slap bang in the middle of all the action with not even enough time to take breath. This pace did not stop at all. Even those points where I thought Roth was about to give me a breather she threw me right back in the centre of all the chaos. Which although it doesn't sound like it, was such a refreshing change from a lot of what I have been reading lately. I finished Insurgent in just over a day because I just couldn't put it down which is also a rarity. 

The characters are still as relatable as ever before, in fact you could say even more so. Though I have heard a few people who seem to dislike Four in this book, but to those people I just stare at open mouthed. haha. I loved him! I absolutely adored where Roth took her characters in Insurgent. Their development was extremely well done, if not at times slightly repetitive (my one and only gripe) and I found their choices in relation to those ever increasing plot twists to be very unpredictable. 

Now for the most important question (for me anyway) is if it was as good, better or worse than Divergent? I've got to say that it was so much better. I loved Divergent, but Insurgent was just on a completely new level. Veronica Roth raised the bar with Divergent in 2011 but raised it even further this year, leaving me in complete awe of her fantastic writing skills and in amazement for what she has in store for us next. I'm still trying to absorb the whole story and allowing everything to slowly sink in but for now I'm still half in the WTF shock stage...

I hope you get around to reading this one soon, and if you already have then what did you think???

Happy Reading Guys. 

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  1. I haven't read Divergent yet *shame on me* lol!

    I have the US paperback and I want Insurgent to match, and I can't read Divergent, until I get the matching paperback arrrrr!!!!

    Unless I ditch my US copy and get the UK ones, which I really like, but.... gah!!