Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Once Upon a Read - a -Thon | Day 1 Update

Day one of the Once Upon a Read - a Thon complete and I managed to finish The Goddess Test by Amiee Carter. Whoop whoop. Though I personally feel that I did pretty well I'm now feeling the pressure as I still have FOUR yes FOUR books to read in two days. What was I thinking?

Books Completed: 1 - The Goddess Test by Amiee Carter
Pages Read: 204

Thoughts: The Goddess Test was amazing. I adored this book so much. The story was fast paced and the writing style just hooked me from the first page. I'd say that this was the perfect book to set off a read-a-thon! Only downside - I want to start reading the second in the series but can't until the read-a-thon is over.

Currently Reading: The Phantom (Point Horror) by Barbara Steiner

I'm now half way through day 2 and so far I've only read 5 pages ooops. Best get cracking.

Mini Challenges: 
Mini challenges for Day 1 were hosted by Loretta @Between the pages and Bailey @IB Book Blogging. Now we all know how much I love Loretta but I just could take part in her challenge because I was lazy, ok because I didn't know the answers... but shhh don't tell anyone.
But Bailey's, now that's something I can do!

Question 1: 
What is your favourite cover that has be revealed this summer and why?
Why not? This cover is amazing! I love it! I've not even read Shatter me... yet, but I'm already eager to get my hands on this one when it comes out.

Question 2: 
Do you rely on the cover the help you choose whether you want to read a book or not?
It depends. Well doesn't it always?! My mood is a major contributor and linked with a good/bad cover it can encourage me either way. Though overall probably not. If I really want to read something, even something with a really ugly cover I'll pick it up anyway, though I'd more than likely borrow rather than buy.

See you guys soon for another update.
Happy Reading!


  1. So many people chose Tahereh's series. I can see why, they are definitely beautiful, but I can't believe you haven't read it yet! Anyways, good luck on meeting your reading goals :0)

  2. Hi hun, i was hundred per cent sure that i had replied to these, evidently not, sorry :( Seems like you did well on your 1st day of the readathon, especially since you didn't find out till 10pm.

    I love that cover too for unravel me and i thought that i must read it! But then i realised it was a sequel to Shatter Me and thought arr..need to read that first lol